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Our work methodology

STEFFIMMO is currently administrator of some 60 buildings. Below you will find a good description of what we can do for you as administrator.


Since the new law on co-ownership already in place starting from 1.8.95 and once again adapted and expanded in 2012, the authoritoies brought us many new tasks and responsibilities. The management of buildings is so complex that in practice only a specialized professional real estate agent can fulfil these duties properly. The financial and administrative management, keeping ready for use at any time the technical installations, restoring occasional defects, renovating, adapting to new techniques and keeping the building in good working condition, require proper professional ability and the appropriate training. To work as cost-efficient as possible a thorough knowledge of the market and legislation is necessary as is an extensive automation of the professional property management. Therefore, our firm continously invests in Office equipment and specialized software. In addition, the co-owners can consult via our website www.steffimmo.be the documents relating to the the building, such as founding act, minutes meetings, personal payments, work orders etc. As member of BIV and CIB, we are regularly trained and we are sufficiently aware of all legislative changes and evolutions in this regard. Until a few years ago, consumers had no guarantee of professional competence, when he called on the services of an administrator. The new law on co-ownership -together with the recognition of the profession of real estate agency- changes all that. All employees of our firm are registered in the register of the Professional Institute of real estate agents or are in training to become a professional real estate agent. We are open daily except Wednesday and Sunday but are always reachable by mobile phone for serious and urgent problems. We do not take annual leave and are available with 5 employees.

Price :

We are convinced that the tasks of an administrator with solid professional knowledge are impossible to provide by simply working "under the price". We would like to make you a no obligation quote tailored to the specific needs of your building.

What can we do for you ?

All legal requirements and obligations as provided for in the basic act in which we need to consult in order to give at a concrete offer. This includes:

Administrative management:

Keeping the basic data per building: owner details, thousandths in accordance with the founding act.
Representing the co-owners in all acts, including legal disputes in relation to third parties or to the co-owners themselves.

Secretariat and correspondance:

  • Draft agenda of the general meeting by the owners containing the points they wish to treat
  • Sending the invitations of the General Assembly
  • Attendance lists
  • Taking minutes of discussions
  • Formatting and sending the minutes of the general meeting
  • Following up on the decisions taken by the General Assembly

Annual meeting :

  • Keeping the annual meeting (1 x per year)
  • Keeping an additional General or managerial meeting this is desired or turns out to be necessary

Financial management:

  • Keeping the residential accounts.
  • Receiving invoices
  • Registering these invoices by entering them in the computer
  • Keep track of payments and receipts of the residence
  • Recieving Privative invoices and registering them on the cost note of the owner
  • Putting together a working Fund:
  • By getting commissions according to the budgeted cost
  • Paying the joint accounts:
  • Through a special account opened with a financial institution for this purpose
  • Distributing the costs over the co-owners: 1 or 2 breakdowns per year, consisting of:
  • Cost distribution by lot: common/privative
  • A partition table
  • Individual statement by owner
  • The creation of a reserve capital
  • The purpose of levying the amounts due:
  • The statement shall be sent together with a transfer request
  • In the event of non-payment is a reminder sent.

Technical management:

  • The follow-up of the orders of the residence :
  • maintenance of the common parts by a specialized cleaning company
  • works entrusted to suppliers, e.g. painting
  • make the necessary repairs and follow-up
  • Keeping the follow-up of maintenance contracts with different companies:
  • elevator maintenance contract
  • maintenance contract central heating
  • maintenance contract fire extinguishers
  • etc...
  • The site visits, in the building: there will be an inspection 1 x every 2 months in the building to monitor, for example, the cleaning team.
  • This inspection is done by someone from Steffimmo itself and a report of the visit is made.
  • everything is checked: the operation of the elevator,lamps that need to be replaced, cleanliness of the building, etc...
  • We will take all the necessary steps in order to maintain an optimum residence.

The broker of the insurance policies can be chosen freely so that optimum can be negotiated on the conditions and the premium of the policy, while some offices impose the obligation to take out insurance with them. Suppliers and cleaning team can be freely chosen and nominated by the co-owners.

Because this was presented all very theoretically, you can find here an example of some documents which we will be happy to explain to you during the next general meeting.

Meeting :
(1) Invitation to the general meeting
(2) Procuration
(3) Overview of the costs (common and privative)
(4) Statement per owner
(5) Minutes of the general meeting
(6) Requesting commissions
(7) Retrieval of reserve fund
Control :
(8) Technical control of the building 1 x per 2 months
(9) Provide a solution for points noted during control

We can assure you that we will represent the best interests of the co-owners and that we will manage your property correctly and objectively.


Elizabetlaan 355
8301 Knokke-Heist
Tel. 050/51 46 27

Real estate agent 508.178.

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